BETTER MEN Australia
supporting separated dads

Funded by the Federal Government
Dads in Distress Inc 
has contracted Better Men Australia to co-ordinate its work in the Southern States from November 20 2009.

But its business as usual for all other aspects on offer. Read more...

Mentouring Adventures filling fast. What's the attraction?


Kayaking Victoria's great rivers is all the rage among men
looking for that ourdoor rush, with a dash of mentoring to go back better. Several trips are in 
negotiation for 2010.

International Men's Day Awards 
Rob Koch recieves IMD Award                                  

Founding Director 
Better Men  
ROB KOCH honoured with an IMD award at Parliament House. 


Tiger Woods getting back on track

Check out this review in the bookstore
Welcome to BETTER MEN Australia

The Shift Workers!

We’re working on the shift that’s sweeping the nation: average blokes are striving to be better men, better husbands, and better fathers. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to be more committed, more capable and more confident. Sociologists are calling it a social revolution - a paradigm shift in the heads, hearts and hands of a new breed of men who want to make a lasting impact on this world for the sake of their families. 

We support men of all ages and cultures (and their families) to make this shift possible through life-changing: 

TOGETHER we can build a nation of better men.


Topics now in discussion at Rob's Blog:

Where are all the real men?

Rugby League legend Mal Meninga said recently;

"The nation's iconic hard Aussie blokes are a dying breed...we've become a nation of pansies." 

Is he right? Has the pendulum swung too far?
Do we want to return to old stereotypes
or are we ready for a new breed altogether?
What does a better man look like?

Check out Our Vision and see you at the blog!

Ladies, we want to hear from you too:
What kind of guy appeals to you?

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